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Eating Ice-Cream

“Spicer, do we have to do this?” Chase complained in a tone that one could almost consider whiny.

“Yes, Chase,” Jack answered. “I promised them I would.”

“But why must I, be here?”

“I feel safer with you.”

Chase blinked and glanced at his consort, who was gripping onto his hand tightly as they waited for the others. “What do you mean?”

“Well, this is technically a…peaceful meeting, I guess you’d call it, but as you know, the monks and I haven’t always gotten along.”

“No, really?”

“Yes,” Jack said with a glare, “And I don’t appreciate the sarcasm.”

“My apologies, mate, but I don’t see why you are so worried in the first place,” Chase said. “If this is, as you said before, a ‘peaceful meeting’, why on Earth would the Xiaolin warriors try to harm you?”

“You know how they are…” Jack mumbled with a non-committal shrug.

“Would you to care to give me a little more detail on-”

“Hello, Jack Spicer!”

The two Heylin glanced over to see the always bright and cheerful Omi and his fellow monks hopping off Dojo who quickly left, not wanting to take any chances with Chase there.

Omi, being Omi, ran right up and hugged Jack’s legs since he was still so much smaller that the goth. Jack patted the monk on the head good-naturedly and waved at the approaching warriors. “Hey, guys…”

“Hey, Jack,” Kimiko greeted him politely.

“Howdy there, pardner,” Clay greeted.

“Hey, guys,” Raimundo said, jerking his chin at them in a ‘sup?’ fashion.

Chase nodded his head courteously toward them. “Greetings, monks.”

For a moment, they all stood there, simply staring at each other, unsure what to say. The situation was a bit awkward considering their history with one another and just as Jack looked at Chase, probably about to mouth to him that they should just forget about this whole thing, Omi spoke up.

“Shall we go inside the eating establishment and eat the frozen treats?” the boy asked excitedly and Chase could see Jack sighing gently in relief when the other Xiaolin monks nod in agreement.

The six of them entered the shop, all getting in line. Omi was, of course, the most excited out of any of them as he bounced lightly in place, looking up at the big menu at the front, the frozen cakes in the side-refrigerator, and other people’s frozen desserts that they were eating. Chase smiled down at the boy who was, for once, dressed in a casual hoodie and jeans, so as to blend in for such a casual outing. With everything that had gone done a few years ago, it was actually nice to see the kid simply being a kid. Omi was always the most childish of the group, but with all his training and fighting against the forces of evil, it didn’t always leave him that much room to act like the little boy he was.

The line took about twenty minutes for them to reach the front and no one said anything to each other in that time (with the exception of Omi, who kept asking questions and pointing at things dramatically), but once they reached the counter, Jack asked the others, “Know what you guys want?”

Raimundo was the first to speak up. “Yeah, I’d like pistachio on a cone with some almonds.”

“Eww, you actually like that stuff?” Jack asked with a look of disgust.

“I know,” Kimiko agreed. “I keep telling him that stuff is gross, but he won’t listen to me.”

Raimundo glared at her, but shrugged it off as he moved down the line to get his almonds.

Next, Clay stepped forward, saying, “I’d like a Texas-sized sundae, ma’am; Neapolitan, please.”

Kimiko stepped forward giving some kind of peanut-butter ice-cream choice that Chase couldn’t hear before making way for Omi to step forward and place his order.

“What should I get, Jack Spicer?” the young monk asked the redhead beside him.

“Whatever you want, cheeseball.”

“But I don’t know what to choose! There are so many different kinds! What if I choose the wrong one?”

Chase could see Jack was getting annoyed by the Xiaolin warrior’s persistent questions and his constant tugging on Jack’s coat, especially his sleeve, so Chase stepped forward.

“I’ll have the cookie-dough with strawberries and he will have the same,” Chase said, placing a hand on Omi’s shoulder. When the monk looked up at him questioningly, he explained, “Just try it and see if you like it. If you don’t, I’ll just eat yours so it doesn’t go to waste.”

With the adorableness that Omi still possessed, even as a tween, he smiled toothily at the idea and followed Chase down the line. When they reached the end, the rest of the group had already found a place to sit, so the Heylin warrior and the Xiaolin monk joined them at the table.

“Where’s Jack?” Kimiko asked, trying to keep her ice-cream from spilling out.

“He’s paying for everything,” Chase explained, examining his ice-cram in the tiny bowl he was given as he had no patience for cones.

“I reckon’ what he’s gonna get?” Clay commented.

“A chocolate banana sundae,” the dragonlord answered without hesitation.

“Did you hear his order?” Kimiko asked.

“No. I just know my consort.”

“What? Does he just get the same thing every time?” Raimundo guessed.

Chase shook his head. “No, I can tell by the time of year, time of day, the number of people in this group…definitely a chocolate banana sundae.”

Raimundo lightly chuckled. “You wanna make a bet with me on that?”

“Oh, I can’t take your money,” Chase said, looking back up at the Brazilian.

“Who says you’d be taking my money?” the Shoku warrior asked, a bit defensively. “I could be right.”

Chase shook his head. “Not in this case. Trust me, I know him better than any of you.”

Just as Raimundo was about to argue that they’d known Jack far longer than him, said evil genius came over to the table and set his bowl down. “I’m so glad they didn’t charge me a lot for my chocolate banana sundae,” Jack said, more to himself than anything as he took out a spoon.

Chase, being the smug bastard he is, merely pointed to the easily distracted Jack with the tip of his spoon as he questioned, “Still feeling confident about that bet, Dragon of the Wind?”

Raimundo grumbled to himself, but he had a tiny smile quirking at one corner of his lips, most likely because this was one of the first times since Chase had surfaced that things weren’t so…serious.

The group chatted throughout the rest of the afternoon, eating their ice-cream, telling stories, actually laughing at each other (yes, even Chase), and simply having a nice time. However, as the sun began to go down the group knew their truce was almost over.

The six stood outside the ice-cream shop, saying their respective good-bye’s. Dojo appeared, setting down gently on the ground for the monks to crawl on his back before the dragon lifted back up into the air, the Xiaolin still waving at the two men as they flew off.

Jack gave a gentle sigh. “Chase?”

The dragonlord looked at his mate. “Yes, beloved?”

“…do you ever wonder what would happen if we were on the side of good? Like, if Guan was good, too and Hannibal wasn’t a problem? Do you think we’d be happier?”

Chase looked at his lover, who gazed back at him with a serious look, before he smiled gently, putting an arm around him. “I believe no matter what side we were on, what time, what universe or dimension; no matter what, we would be happy if we were together.”

Jack smiled softly at this as he hugged his lover around the next, saying, “I love it when you say corny stuff like that.”
Disclaimer: I don't own Xiaolin Showdown.


A/N: This is perhaps one of the cutest things I've written so far and yes, it's mostly because of my writing a cutsie-poopsie Omi, which I've wanted to do for a while now. Looking back, I realize he sounds a lot more like Ping-Pong from Xiaolin Chronicles, but whatever. I always liked Omi's cutie-pie scenes because he was more tolerable.

And yes, I absolutely had to write the scene. The scene every XS fan has always wanted to see. The classic Jack taking the monks out for ice-cream (bonus Chase). Thanks for reading!
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 (ahk im ooc XD either that or hes in a good mood. anyways i loved this))

Moonheart1313 Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2014
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Ask-Chase-Young Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2014

(I know that. chack is my top fave coupling for this show. its the best in my opinion X3)


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